SP Methandriol 10 Ml

SP Methandriol 10 Ml

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Methadriol exert powerful anabolic and androgenic action.

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  • Form/Dosage Sol. Inj. 75 mg/ml 10 ml
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Methadriol exert powerful anabolic and androgenic action.

The recommended daily dose, and can actually have a positive effect, ranging from 15-40 mg. Dosage is based on individual features. Beginners will administer no less than 15-20 mg/day. It combines well with Decanoate-Durabolin. From this combination can expect payouts enormous muscle mass and strength, without the side effects (be more pronounced than when using Methandriol alone). Cycles should be kept under 8 weeks.

Methandriol causes a marked retention of water. Because the effect lasts for 3.5 to 4.5 hours is recommended twice manage their day for the best required concentration in blood.

Although Methandriol has many potential side effects, they are rare in the dose of 20 mg/day. The main problem in administrating of Methandriol –  is liver.

Upon receipt of the drug, the body abruptly begins to increase water retention, respectively, increases your weight, which can cause an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, we recommend the introduction of antihypertensive drugs.

Since Methandriol is a drug that is almost completely aromatic, it is strongly recommended to administer a drug like “Provimed” from Balkan Pharmaceuticals to control some antiestrogens. As a side effect, massive acne can appear on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Also, if there is a genetic predisposition, the balding process can accelerate.

During the practical use of this drug, it has been demonstrated that taking a dose of 20 mg/day for 10 days reduces the production of natural testosterone in the body by 30-40%, so taking drugs that normalize this process is mandatory.

Another disadvantage of Methandriol is that with an unplanned cessation of the course, there is a loss of muscle mass and strength.

Also, one of the side effects may be increased aggression.

But in general Dianabol is an anabolic of “mood”.

A post-cycle treatment is strongly recommended

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